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Halfway down the garbage chute


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Because I’m near a follower milestone, and I just need to spread some love for this film and in general, I’m giving one US winner an HD digital copy of Delicious via iTunes and one UK winner a copy of the DVD via Amazon UK.

This film is so important to me as it was written, directed and produced by a woman with zero budget and stars one of my favorite women. So I want everyone to see it.

Here are the guidelines

  1. THIS POST IS FOR US ENTRIES. Reblog this post for an entry.  Only reblogs count. If you are in the UK enter here. 
  2. If you don’t want to or can’t enter and just want to spread the word put signal boost in your post or the tags. 
  3.  You don’t have to follow me to enter.
  4. If you’re under 18 get a parent or guardian’s permission.
  5. US winner will need to give me their email address. 
  6. I will close entries at 11:59pm CDT on Sunday, August 3, 2014.
  7. Winner will be notified via ask. You must have asks enabled.  
  8. Winner will have 48 hours to respond with email address.  If the winner doesn’t respond I will draw again. 
  9. No giveaway blogs!
  10. I needed a tenth thing.
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it’s so nice to get followers and have people like your art

as long as it isn’t your acquaintances in school. Once they see your weird otp fanart it’s all over

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I’m only getting started

I won’t blackout


New-ish Sherlock still - [Click for 2048 x 1362] - [x]



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My second crack at the Art Assignment is a piece of crochet for the recent assignment #11: Under the Influence.

I’m not much of a painter so I decided (after finally finding my crochet hooks having moved house earlier this month) to take my inspiration from the colours used as well as the image itself rather than from the materials used.

The painting is San Giorgio Maggiore by Claude Monet, and it’s quite possibly my favorite piece of art at the Welsh National Museum in Cardiff so upon receiving the new assignment I decided to put some odds and ends of yarn I already had (hence the introduction of a bit more green than Monet used) together and made something small that in some small way resembles the original.

It was really nice to just sit and crochet again as I haven’t done so in a while, the addition of chocolate, friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to keep me company also made the process that bit more enjoyable too.

Love the translation to a different medium.


 Ingeborg Klarenberg


maodam (まおだむ) 


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