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can you write drunk finn telling izzy and chop and archie and chloe why he loves rae and then finds out she's at home alone and goes to hers but they dont sleep together and just talk until the sun comes up about why finn loves rae and why rae doesnt love herself


Finn doesn’t remember what the bottom of the bottle looks like, but he remembers the fuzzy feeling he got when he set it down.  Chop was tilting sightly in his chair but Archie helped him stay upright.  Izzy was still taking shots, which surprised all the boys because she was usually the first to tap out.  Chloe sat next to Finn, lightly swirling her finger on his arm.  He didn’t like it.  It reminded him of Rae.  Rae, the girl who ‘just wanted to be friends’.  Rae, the source of his sleepless nights.  Beautiful, beautiful Rae.

"You know what I like?" He said loudly, slapping the table so Chloe’s hand couldn’t reach him.

"What?" Archie asked him, pushing Chop back into his seat.

"The way Rae’s hair bounces when she walks."

Chop laughed into his pint. “That’s not all she’s got bouncing.  Raemundo’s got quite the chest.”

Finn blushed. “Mate, you don’t even know.”

Izzy rolled her eyes at Chop, crossing her arms.

"She’s got nothing on you though, babe!" He shouted towards her but the damage was done.

"He’s drunk, Iz." Chloe told her.

"Yeah, great excuse."

"Rae’s really pretty." Finn said again.  "She doesn’t think she is, but she so is.  Sometimes when she’s reading, I like to watch her."

"That’s a bit creepy, mate." Archie told him but Finn shook his head.

"No that’s not!  It’s love, you should try it."

"You love Rae?"

"Of course!"

Chloe slid a bit away from him, looking down at her drink before asking him, “What do you like about Rae?”

Finn sighed, trying to categorize all his love into coherent sentences.

"Everything, Chloe.  The way she sounds when she’s angry, the way she says my name.  She called me Finnley and I thought I’d explode because my nan used to call me that and I love my nan and Rae’s my top girl, you know?  She wears cool clothes and she’s not afraid of anything and she’s quick to tell me when I’m wrong and she can drink me under the table and she’s got killer music taste.  Her skins really soft.  I thought maybe only her hands would be but then I touched her-"

"Alright! Please, I don’t want to hear about you defiling Raemundo, mate.  Instead of telling us all this, just go to her."

"She doesn’t want me around, Chop.  She just wants to be friends."

Chop rolled his eyes but it was Izzy who spoke up.

"Rae loves you, Finn.  Maybe she just isn’t as….vocal as you about it.  She’s all alone tonight-"

"What?" Finn sat up in his seat.

"Yeah her parents went out for the weekend so she’s all by herself."

"I gotta go."

He stumbled away from the table and out onto the sidewalk.  He saw three scooters that all belonged to him and decided to walk to her house.

By the time he found her house (he’d knocked on her neighbors door by accident), he was worried she might be sleeping.  But then he heard a familiar laugh erupt from behind the door and he wasn’t nervous to knock.

She answered quickly and he tried not to notice the sad look on her face when she saw it was him.

"Finn, are you drunk?"

Her voice was like a warm blanket wrapping him up, and he closed his eyes at the sound.


He opened his eyes and smiled. “I just wanted to see you.”


"Because I heard you were alone and I don’t think you should be alone."

She hesitated a moment before stepping aside for him to let him come in.

He lead the way into her living room, not waiting for an invitation to sit.  She perched next to him, leaning away from him.

"Why do you always do that?  You did that when we were together too." He pointed out, making her blush.


"Every time I’d get near you, you’d lean away as though you didn’t want me near."

"It’s not that."

"Then what is it?"

Rae figured anything she said would be forgotten in the morning, so she didn’t hesitate.

"Because I want to take up less space."


"Because when you’re around, I notice how much space you take up, and it’s half of what I take up and I don’t want you to notice."

He moved closer and she shrank away.

"I never know what you’re talking about."  His words were still slurring but his hand was steady when he reached out and took her hand.

"Yeah, because I’m mad and you’re one hundred percent normal."

"That’s got nothing to do with it! And you’re not mad."

"You can keep saying it but it doesn’t make it true."

"Rae, the only space I’ve ever noticed was the one you left when you split with me."

"That was…poetic."

"I’m passionate about the written word."

"But you spoke it."

"Yeah, well I’m a bit drunk!"

"Well, don’t shout at me because you decided to go out!"

"I’m not shouting!" He shouted and then immediately fell silent.

"I’m not shouting." He whispered, making Rae laugh.

"You’re ridiculous." She smiled but he noticed her move closer to him.

He suddenly noticed how close they were and felt his face heat up.  He’d fallen out of sync with how to be around her.  What if she noticed his palms were sweating?

"Do you want to.." He started but cut off.

"Do I want to?"

"Er, watch the sunrise?  I know it sounds ridiculous."

She smiled at him though. “It sounds nice.  I’ll make us tea.”

They didn’t kiss.  They didn’t hold hands.  They sat next to each other in Rae’s back yard, and started to be friends again.  It was nice to hear her voice.  Finn fought off the urge multiple times to shout what he loved about her but he decided to wait until she was ready to hear it.

Around 4 in the morning, she started to talk slower, leaning against him as sleep started to win her over.

"Do you remember when you asked me why I liked you?"

She yawned and nodded, so he continued.

"I didn’t know how to answer you.  I like everything about you, always have.  You were so confident when you stole my 20p and you weren’t trying to be dim like other girls do.  You were loud and obnoxious and I liked you.  You wore what you liked and didn’t try to flaunt yourself, though you’d win in a body contest any day.  I thought you were beautiful.  And you’re strong.  I could always tell you were strong because you’ve got those scars but you’re still here.  My mum had scars too, but she wasn’t strong.  She ran from everyone and everything and now I’m not sure where she is.  She calls but never tells me where she’s ringing me from.  But you always tell me the truth.  You’re not afraid of what I’ll think.  And I know you think I’m going to run away from you, but I won’t.  I’m only running to you, girl, never the other way.  Love corrects the chaos.  Life is crazy but you’re not so I run to you because I love you.”

But Rae was softly snoring by then, and hadn’t heard a word.

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So I decided to take a break from writing OTHF and do a prompt, I love this prompt - so thank you ANON for inspiring it.
Thank you also for your kind comments about my writing - thank you for reading! I genuinely love writing the stuff, and feel so honored by everyone who takes the time to read…
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rae x finn, arts and crafts! :)



Bahaha! I like this one. Cute, anon. 


It was safe to say Izzy might have gone a bit mad in the planning for Chop’s birthday. Something she’d read in a magazine about the kind of party a proper girlfriend should plan for her boyfriend, in a list that spanned two full pages. At first she’d insisted on doing it all herself— the cakes, the photo album, the tapes for the party— but as the date approached she grew frantic, delegating last minute tasks to everyone. Somehow— perhaps a true sign of how far gone she was at this point— the job of making the “banner” had been given to Finn, who, after Rae had explained the arts and crafts concept of the project to him, had steadfastly refused to do it. “Look, all Chop cares about is the tunes and the beer,” he said to Izzy in what he thought was a nice, comforting way. “Why would he even notice a sign or whatever?” But Izzy had called Rae near tears that night, so the next day Rae found herself at Finn’s with a bucket of supplies. “I’ll do it but you’re helping,” she said with a glare.

She knew he was being a good sport about it, could tell he was actually trying, so she tried not to mention things like maybe he should trace out the letters before he cut them, instead giving him smaller things to do while she took over the more important stuff. But it was when he started painting that she put a hand on his wrist, stopping him.  

 ”Finn, what is that?” she asked, nodding towards the odd looking… blob… in the centre of the banner.

“What?” He looked over at her, then back at his work. “I dunno. Well, it’s a shape, isn’t it?”

“You’re serious?” She hesitated, then grabbed a nearby photo from the stack Izzy had approved, swiped some glue on it, and slapped it over the paint with a giggle. “That’s better.”

“Oi!” His voice raised about an octave as his jaw dropped. “That was gonna be the highlight of the whole thing!” He bit his lip and dipped the brush back in the bright blue paint, this time reaching over and, before she could stop him, dabbing a spot on her cheek. She gasped, a grin spreading across her face despite herself.


“I like it, looks nice,” Finn laughed, and only just managed to dodge out of the way as Rae grabbed a brush and got a quick swipe on his jaw.

“So does that.”

There was a moment’s hesitation and then they both moved at the same time, flinging paint from brushes and then giving up and dipping their hands in it— and soon there was paint in both their hair, handprints on their shirts, and when Finn reached for the glue, an evil grin on his face, Rae grabbed a fistful of glitter. “You won’t be able to get this out of your hair for weeks,” she whispered. “So choose your next move carefully.” And he dropped the glue but they didn’t get back to the poster for a long time.

So maybe they’d kind of rushed to finish it, and maybe Chop had given it one look at the party and said “The fuck is that?”, but Izzy seemed pleased with it, and that’s what mattered. In the end, she figured it had been thrown out, but weeks later found it in Finn’s closet, a bit worse for the wear, but still holding up. He gave a half shrug at her inquisitive look. “Didn’t feel right throwing it out,” he explained. “We made it together, didn’t we?”

Got excited then and thought fwnsias was writing fic again.  My heart LITERALLY skipped a beat.  I would say at this point anybody who reads this who hasn’t found the fics from last year that fwnsias (and howlinchickhowl) wrote - go find them, track them down, trust me you won’t regret it :)

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» MMFD Fanfiction Masterpost



POST CLOSED!! (it is closed!, but made a one time exception to fix some things and add fics)

This is a compilation of all the fiction that has been published in/through Tumblr (most of them at least). 

It was a pleasure to do this but I unfortunately can’t keep updating it with so many fics coming out everyday :( I hope you can enjoy it though, is all the earlier material. 

LAST EDIT: 17 April, 2014

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"Molly, that’s my job…"

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Anonymous asked: Ooo could you do one where there is a sexy party and spin the bottle is being played, Finn gets pissed off when the bottle lands on Rae (after they’ve got together?) then maybe some make up sex? thanks love xxxx

Dear Anon, apologies for the delay in writing a little something…

omg yes this!!

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That’s one steep hill in SF. San Francisco, CA




the way his necklace swings around when he throws the ball makes me cry


Getting Handsy

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Nilo Mirallegro 

Dapper Nico <3 

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